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A Letter to All Members of Nantong Zhongyuan “Hope I” Platform Propeller Installation Engineering Project Team
The date : 2011-7-18Source : 本站原创
The name of the project : A Letter to All Members of Nantong Zhongyuan “Hope I” Platform Propeller Installation Engineering Project Team
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All members of Nantong Zhongyuan “Hope I” PlatformPropeller Installation Engineering Project Team:
The installation of the semi-submersible platform propeller is an underwaterconstruction project with high technological content and great difficulty. Itis the first time to install the platform propeller underwater in China. It isthe highest honor as well as a heavy task for every member of the project teamto undertake the task of installing the platform propeller. On behalf of thecompany, please allow me to express my sincere congratulations on the startingoperation of the project and send my greetings to all members of the projectteam. As a new oil drilling platform, the semi-submersible platform has theadvantages of small investment, wide space and strong production capacity. Itis capable of undertaking various platform tasks in complicated sea conditions.With oil and gas exploration in the deep sea, the semi-submersible platformwill be used in more fields in the future. Wining the bidding of the propellerinstallation project is beneficial to expand its influence in the industry,strengthen the market competitiveness, accumulate operation experience andtrain the staff team. Hope you realize the heavy responsibility, be united and workhard to complete the task successfully. To this end, five requirements arelisted below: I Pioneering, Recreate Glory, Consolidate the Leading Position inthe Industry
Due to various constraints, the propellers of many semi-submersible oilplatforms need to install underwater. However, it’s the first time to undertakesimilar projects in China. Wining the bidding of the project is an importantmilestone of development in the industry. Successful completion of this projectcan accumulate larger market advantages in the area of similar projects. Makeefforts to be the pacesetter in the industry, thereby establishing a goodenterprise image and gaining market advantages. The project team is required tocreate a sense of mission, assume the heavy task, work hard, seizeopportunities as well as consolidate and expand the monopoly position withoutstanding achievements. II Overcome Difficulties, Make Explorations, ImproveOperational Skills
“Hope I” platform is the first cylindrical marine drilling platform in theworld. Its dynamic positioning system locates the platform with 8 propellers,with high technological content. The 8 propellers need to install are 44 tonsheavy for each one with large overall dimensions, complicated installationsteps and complex process. High communication and coordination abilities ofrelevant personnel are required for the cooperation among platforms, engineeroperation ships, diving operation ships, and floating cranes. For the projectis located in the anchorage ground outside Yangtze River, there are complicatedunderwater conditions, rush flow and low visibility. Numerous difficulties areformed by all above factors. Overcoming these difficulties is an inevitableprocess for successful completion as well as an important way to train the teamand cultivate the talent, thereby improving the operational skills of thecompany. Hope you will tackle difficulties, pool the wisdom and efforts ofeveryone and overcome various difficulties to finish the project and accumulateprecious experience of similar projects. III Entrusted with the Mission at aCritical and Difficult Moment, Tackle Difficulties, Obtain Full Approval of theProprietor.
The platform cost RMB 1.16 billion. If Zhongyuan fails to deliver in accordancewith the contract as scheduled, it will have to pay high penalty. Therefore,General Manager of Nantong Zhongyuan has been on site to conduct this projectpersonally. This project has been undertaken by another diving company atfirst. However, owing to lack of experience in mobilizing ships and floatingcranes of large projects, on-site management is disordered and coordination isnot in place. Moreover, low operational efficiency and low professional qualityof divers have caused schedule delay. If it cannot be installed in China, itneeds to tow to Singapore, which will result in high costs. During theinstallation of propellers, the foreign shipowners’ representative and relevantpersonnel of support units will supervise the entire installation process inthe platform. If Zhongyuan fails to install propellers for the first time, itis bound to make foreigners doubt the strength of China’s ship industry, affectits position in the industry and damage the international image of China. Owingto the great influence and significance of this project, Premier Wen Jiabao isalso very concerned about it. At this critical moment, the proprietorre-selects us to undertake installation work, which fully reflects the owner’sapproval of our strength and highlights our leading position in the industry.In face of the owner’s commission and complex construction conditions, I hopethe project team to firmly establish the brand awareness, draw lessons of theprevious projects, overcome the difficulties, meet customer demands, win theowner’s approval with good quality and the construction attitude of constantimprovement, do not live up to the trust of the owner, build brand in theindustry and gain acceptance of the government so as to win policy support fordomestic and overseas development in the future. IV Make More Achievements,Expand Influence, Lay the Foundation for Future Development As the newdirection of oil platform technology development, the semi-submersible platformhas broad development space at home and abroad. Nantong Zhongyuan will have twoplatforms that need propeller installation in the future. Yantai Raffles (3-4platforms), Shanghai Waigaoqiao (1), and Shenzhen Union Shipyard also havesemi-submersible platforms in construction. According to the present situation,there are at least 8-9 similar projects, the market prospect is very broad, andthe value of individual projects is also very high. By undertaking thisproject, the company will officially enter this high-profit industry, which hasgreat significance for the company’s business. After the project issuccessfully completed, we will have the strength to undertake more projects.In addition, the company will establish long-term cooperative relationship withshipyards, and undertake thickness measuring of ships, flaw detection offacilities such as ships, platforms, jackets and modules as well as underwaterengineering business. The project team should integrate engineer operation withadvertising to make the project become the best advertisement of the corporatestrength. V Compliance, Safety First, Ensure Absolute Security ofPersonnel
In November, frequent extreme weather occurs at sea. Especially in this seaarea for this operation, sea conditions are bad. The operation involves morecontent, so it needs close cooperation. In addition, due to frequentmobilization of ships and floating cranes and water depth of 15m, the membersof the project team is required to undertake construction in strict accordancewith safety specification, strengthen coordination and communication with allparties, correctly use various equipments and avoid barbaric operation. Theproject manager, dive supervisor and dive master should be highly responsible,always take safe production first and eliminate the potential safety hazard soas to finish the task smoothly. Technicians and divers who fail to participatein this project should take this project as an opportunity to study hard,carefully study propeller installation programs issued by the company andcontinuously upgrade capabilities by learning, laying a solid foundation forfurther development of the company in the future. The project is undertaken forthe first time in China without experience. All the staff of the project teammust use their brains, work together to overcome various difficulties,establish strong senses of responsibility and mission, coordinate, organizescientifically, ensure safety and work carefully to finish all taskssuccessfully. Hope all members of the project team realize the economicsignificance and political significance of the project, strive to build afirst-rate project, make it become a new profit growth point and promote thepopularity of the company.
Finally, I wish Nantong Zhongyuan “Hope I” platform propeller installationproject good luck and complete success! Yantai Shunda Ocean Engineering ServiceCo., Ltd.
General Manager Li Wensheng

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